Latjohns Pilates

Reformer Mix (Level 1)
with Latonia

August 10 (Wednesday)
at 5:00 pm

Class length
45 minutes

spots left
Reformer Mix is a creative class where we may or may not incorporate  props to stimulate the body, make each exercise more challenging & ultimately aid you with  successful movement patterns throughout the entire workout!  This 45-minute total body workout is guaranteed to be filled with great energy & lots of fun!

This class (RM-Level 1) is designed with the basic framework in which all proceeding levels should build upon.   The challenge lies in applying correct techniques to achieve results & prepares one to advance to the next level.  The ultimate goal is to practice "functional movement patterns that translates into everyday life, thus increasing your strength & stability and teaching clients to move with precision, control and at a good pace.  

*Suitable for ALL levels.  Priorclass experience is not required but preferred.  


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