Reformer LBHC (Lower Body/Hard Core) L2
with Latonia

August 18 (Thursday)
at 8:30 am

Class length
45 minutes

Reformer LBHC is the perfect class if you want to target your glutes, hamstrings, quads, calves, ankles (you get the picture)…oh and did I say ABS? You’ll feel the burn in this 45-minute butt-kicking session! These moves go deep. You’ll work hard to lengthen & strengthen the lower extremities + sculpt & create the most fabulous abs using the Reformer apparatus and various props.

This class RLBHC (Level 2) is perfect for clients who feel they have an understanding of Pilates principles and feels in tuned with his/her body.  Intermediate level exercises are the focus while increased repetition, combination & dynamic movement patterns create a more challenging environment.   Proper form and alignment is instrumental as you flow seamlessly from one movement to the next.  Challenge your body with this faster pace,  total body workout of muscle quivering routines that will deepen your understanding of what it means to have mind/body connection.'re guaranteed to have SOOO much fun!

***Not suitable for those with physical limitations (unless you are aware of your specific movement modifications).   Previous Reformer experience is recommended for anyone attending this class!  


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